We are very pleased  that you  have taken the  time to look  around  our A.D.D.I (outside  of  other  leagues and  associations).  Me,  as  the first representative  and  future  coordinator  of  the   A.D.D.I.  would   like  to welcome you warmly. It is of minor  importance  whether  you f ound  us through recommendation on behalf  of  our  sport  colleagues or through  one of our brochures. In  any case you will, as  we hope, enjoy  reading this informative sites.

Our opinions and point of view regarding the topic “mutual co-operation” in the field  of  sports  as  Budo-Organziation  might  probably  meet your amazement and you are looking  for  the  catch  at this thing  but  there  is  none!  No  miracle  for  we  really  try  to  lead, organize and coordinate a small but fair cooperation  in partnership.

Many organizations and federations often promise the same to you or something similar,  however, very often it happens – after a certain period of time- that financial and personal obligations  occur that  had not been expected in the beginning. That is also in regard of support of own - often not very cheap  and  time  consuming  ideas and efforts- so you often end up being alone.

With us every member will feel at home in a large community. We support our partner and / or licensees without reser- vation and help each other in the cooperation.

All administrative affairs will be coordinated and organized centrally for all  partners  if  so  desired  (also internationally). The partner can fully concentrate on his students  and  activities  and  determines  freely  how  to  operate  his  training  classes, advertising etc..

If you go on reading the next pages  attentively  then any  remaining doubts  should  disappear and a positive feeling will manifest.

We speak from experience. We often were promised that federations, organizations with licensing systems under which we tried to settle would be free of complicated guidelines,  instructions and  restrictions  concerning  blocking business  methods as to their own membership politics, planning of events, belt exams, offering of own / other training  systems in the dojo etc. But these promises were not kept. In the year 2002  we f ounded  the A.D.D.I. (Budo-Organization) with new ideas and in the hope to find many like minded colleagues worldwide who look for  support  &  partnership  for  good cooperation.

A Dojo-co-operation needs people that help and support each other;

According to our slogan:        

Achieve goals together – being strong together

Partner who are there for our students and masters. Not belt hunter, a Budo mafia or profit greedy license givers who try to sell licenses and systems by taking the last penny out of the pockets of their members. Likewise style founders who only promote their own system when working with partners and who don’t accept other partner training lessons or those who want to impose their own views.

The biggest problem though is the eternal question about licenses and guidelines and the  innumerable  regulations. It is a fact that they enter more and more the art of Budo. With us there are only very few and necessary  regulations. Those who commit to those few and necessary ones and stay faithful to them will always have a good co-operation with us and our partners. They can rely on a strong community.

In martial art where you have to rely on your partner it is this reliability, faithfulness and partnership with one another that counts the most.

Should you as a member (maybe with a small group) or with a Dojo / school decide  to  join  us  then  you will  not  only meet strong friendship and have many interesting  meetings  (national and  international) training courses,  tournaments and training camps) but also a support that cannot be found elsewhere.

Together, we will have many movements for “everybody” and a lot of fun

We would like to thank you for the received attention and  to  say good-bye  by  referring to  two well-known Asian sayings:

“The longest way is not long with a friend at one’s side”

“A way of 1000 miles begins with the first step”  

Your servants and sportsfriends in martial arts  



                   Michael Kürbis                        Markus Peter

           Founder & Headmaster A.D.D.I.                         General Secretary  A.D.D.I.