Your advantages of the A.D.D.I. Membership:

  • You will receive a Lifetime Membership Certificate, ID-Card, Martial Arts Passport, round A.D.D.I. Badge

  • International Organization Badge (to be sewed on) (registered and patented) for your students at small cost

  • Listing – entry in the web and on our own website (special page) of your Dojo/school/group as partner of the A.D.D.I.

  • As a member you will be recognized by an acknowledged Organization Member and their world wide operating umbrella organizations highly internationally recognized

  • You will become part of a community in which a great part of the international martial art elite (honorary member & member of the board) is represented

  • You will receive regularly invitations to top events and championships

  • Support with the official and legitimate proper registration of your SV/KS System (style) inclusive Dojo /Company name (nation- and international) through our sponsored lawyers

  • Support in co-ordinating and personally when arranging championships, seminars, instruction classes

  • You and your Dan members will receive additionally the exclusive membership in our World Dan Commitee 

  • You can order passports, annual badges etc. at special reasonable cost that you can give to your students at fair prices. 

  • You may announce exams, championships and give instruction classes etc.. if you have the proper qualification

  • You may advertise for free for your sports events (championships, instruction classes etc)

  • Support when doing the marketing for your Dojos /school /instruction class

  • Support when in need of sponsors for your events

  • You have the possibility to participate at reduced cost when there are instruction classes, championships, tournaments, workshops, trainer instruction classes, referee instruction classes and licence seminars

  • You may publish your activities and achievements in our umbrella association’s forum

  • You may receive small amounts of printed articles martial arts trainings suits, T-shirts, pullover, track- suits , pennants, flags, cups, keyring pendants with your association or school logo at reasonable prices

    and many more offers are included in your Liftime Membership by us!