In response to frequent requests by other Martial Arts Organization that they be allowed to affiliate with our Martial Arts Organization, we have created a sponsored Affiliated Organization Program as described below.

We welcome all organizations which wish to be affiliated with the A.D.D.I. The benefits of this affiliation are many, including recognition, participation in our Boards, and the linking of the website of the affiliated organization with the A.D.D.I.  Affiliated organizations will also be announced and welcomed at the annual Hall of Fame, and a certificate of affiliation will be furnished the organization by the A.D.D.I.

Prospective affiliated organizations should understand that organizational affiliation with the A.D.D.I.  is totally separate from the recognition and registration of a new art or rank system with our Organization. That is accomplished by registering individual ranks with the A.D.D.I. , and the new art will then be automatically signed in our  IFHC system. For additional information and to sign up for the affiliate program please contact us any time by email.


The mission of the A.D.D.I. Martial Arts Organization is to unify ALL Martial Artists in spirit by offering services and guidance they need.  These service include:

  • The finest Martial Arts Membership Program in the world. 
  • Fair promotion systems for all Martial Arts with clearly stated rank requirements for both lower grades and black belt members in all Martial Arts
  • The most professional Membership and Rank Promotion certificates in the industry.
  • And last but not least all points which was shown on the side "Advantages"


If you would like to join us, you may fill out the membership form