Organization Attitudes & Regulations


Name and jurisdiction    
1. The formal name of this organization shall be: Allstyle Dragon Dojos International  
2. The abbreviations for this organization shall be: A.D.D.I. 
3. Headquarters for the Association is Berlin - Germany. 
4. The Founder and Director is Headmaster Michael Kuerbis

1. This Organization shall be Independence and shall be governed by its own By-Laws. 
2. This Organization may cooperate with other Governing Bodies for the furtherance of Amateur or Professional. Martial Arts, providing such cooperation does not endanger the Association’s essential autonomy.  

Mission Statement 
1. It shall be the mission of the Allstyle Dragon Dojos International to Encourage, develop, guide, and provide fellowship for those individuals interested in and/or practicing in the martial arts.  
2. To promote the unity of all Martial Arts regardless of Discipline, Style, Age, Creed, Gender or Location, Co-operation and Development between the Arts. 
3. To maintain high standards, respect traditions, foster the true spirit, and to encourage a progressive development of all Martial Arts regardless of origin.  
4. Advance the martial arts as a traditional martial art, a means of self-defense and as a martial sport through instruction, seminars, tournament competition and other Activities.  
5. To advance other traditional martial arts as a means of self-defense.  
6. Provide quality certifications at a reasonable cost.  
7. Provide international recognition of martial arts rank and training.  
8. Invited practitioners of others styles of Martial Arts to participate in the A.D.D.I. Transition Programs for Karate, SeiTo Ryu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Tae-Ji-Ka-Do and for all kind of Martial Arts. 
9. To request that A.D.D.I. members shall be wellcome at all of its affiliated schools. 
10. To create a trully democratic approach in the unification of all affiliated Martial Arts schools and instructors. 
11. To stimulate interest in the various Martial Arts among all students of Taekwondo, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Tae-Ji-Ka-Do, Hapkido and others the general public as an “Art”. 
12. To establish and maintain relations with Affiliated schools and other authentic Martial Arts Organizations.  

1. Memberships shall consist of the following: Individual registered member, Black Belt registered member,  Affiliated Club, Group, Association membership, Honorary member. 
2. Honorary membership shall be opened to any Individual who has rendered distinguished service to this general welfare of this Alliance. 
3. Acceptance of the membership shall bind member to abide by-laws, rules and regulations and policies which govern this Organization. 
4. Members shall assist in the expansion, development and promotion of this Organization. 

Individual member registration 
1. Any person from any Art or Discipline may register Grades, Titles and any qualifications obtained. 
2. The A.D.D.I. requires an Annual or Lifetime membership fee from both adults and juniors. The membership fees apply to everyone, regardless of Rank, Grade or Title. The onus is on each Individual to renew their membership ( Annual ). 
3. Failure to do so will result in cancellation, together with the loss of all privileges.
4. On receipt of their fee a Certificate of registration, a Certificate of Rank and an I.D. card are provided. 
5. The following individuals are qualified to accept and submit the A.D.D.I. Individual Application for Membership form: 

  •  The Founder

  •  International Technical Directors

  •  Any member of the Board of Directors

  •  Country Representatives ( International affiliations )

  •  State, Regional, Local or Country Representatives

  •  Assistant State, Regional, Local or Country Representatives

  •  Any registered A.D.D.I. Instructor, Chief ( or Head ) Instructor, Master, Master Instructor

6. Any of the above Individuals may accept and submit the Individual Application for Membership form in the following manner:
 A. Submit a completed Individual Application for Membership form for each student, to  A.D.D.I.HQ. 
 B. If the Individual applying for membership holds a certified rank in any legal martial arts system, he must 
submit a photocopy of his/her rank certificate. 

Club, Group, Association registration 
1. Any Club, Group or Organization may register with A.D.D.I., regardless of size or number of members. Each of these Clubs must have at least ten or more members and certified Instructor. 
2.  In all cases the Clubs, Group, Organization fee must be paid. This fee is the same for a Group consisting of one Club or a larger Group containing many Clubs or Affiliations. This is paid only once and not an annual basis. 
3. Affiliated School, Group, Organization procedure: 
A. The Head of the Club, Group, Organization applying for A.D.D.I. membership must be a certified Instructor. 
B. Submit a photocopy of the Head Instructor’s certificate. 
C. Submit a completed Club, Group, Organization membership application to A.D.D.I HQ. 
4. Once an applying Club, Group, Organization has been accepted, the Head of the School, Group, Organization  must register all its members with the A.D.D.I.
5. Anyone that teaches at the Club, Group, Organization must hold an A.D.D.I. Instructor’s certificate. 
6. A copy of the A.D.D.I. By-laws must be posted in all A.D.D.I.  Clubs, Groups, Organizations. 
7. The Club, Group, Organization registration fee includes a certificate of registration. 

Application for Instructors Status 
1. Any Individual applying for the Instructor’s certificate in the A.D.D.I. must be a certified Instructor in Martial Arts. 
2. The Individual must hold the rank of 5th Degree and higher to be considered for a Master Instructor license. 
 Individual must hold the rank of 3rd Degree up to 5th Degree for Full Instructor license. Any Individual that hold the rank of 1st Degree up to 2nd Degree may hold an Assistance Instructor license. 
3. All the Individuals for Instructorship positions must be submitted to the A.D.D.I. Founder and Director along with the appropiate fees and a photocopy of the Individual’s rank certificate. 
4. All A.D.D.I. Instructors must be a member of an A.D.D.I. Club, Group, Organization. 
5. Once accepted, the A.D.D.I. Master Instructor may award one grade below the Master’s present rank, e.x. 6th Degree may promote to 5th Degree, no higher. 
6. Once accepted, the A.D.D.I. Full Instructor may award two grades below the Instructor’s present rank, e.x. 5th Degree may promote to 3rd Degree, no higher. 
7. All under Black Belt Ranks may be awarded by any adult Black Belt member of the Organization whose Black Belt Grade Ranking is certified by the Organization.

Chain of Command 
Structure and Positions 
The structure of the Allstyle Dragon Dojos International Chain of Command shall be:  
A. Certified Instructor  
B. Chief (or Head) Instructor  
C. Master  
D. Master Instructor  
E. Assistant State, Regional, Local, Country Representative  
F. State, Regional, Local Representative  
G. Country Representative  
H. International, National, Regional Technical Board  
I. Boards of Directors 
J. Associational Officers (Executive Director, Association Secretary) 
K Founder  

As a member of the A.D.D.I. one should always follow the instructions of their instructor, and voice any complaints to the same. However, in extreme circumstances they may by-pass their instructor. However, if the circumstances are not deemed not to be extreme, the A.D.D.I. may place a sanction against the member if it is proven that their accusations are false and are an obvious malicious attack on an individual.  

 Board of Directors   
A Board of Directors who shall also serve as an Advisory Board to the International Headquarters shall govern the Allstyle Dragon Dojos International. The Board of Directors shall be composed of A.D.D.I. members who hold the rank of 2th Degree (A) or 5th Degree (A-B-C-F) Black Belt or higher and holding the following positions :  
A. State, Regional, Local Representatives  
B. Country Representatives   
C. International Technical Directors (of its country)  
F.  Founder  

Duties of Board Member Positions  
Note: Representatives  authorized by the International A.D.D.I. Headquarters and its Founder.  
A. State, Regional, Local Representative (may be appointed / removed by Founder and country Representative )  
1. Welcome new A.D.D.I. members and/or clubs in their jurisdiction  
2. Supervise and co-ordinate A.D.D.I. clubs and activities in their jurisdiction  
3. Ensure A.D.D.I. promotion examinations in their jurisdiction are properly carried out.  
4. Promote the A.D.D.I. within their jurisdiction and submit new members and/or schools.  
5. Carry out or delegate all duties properly assigned by higher level A.D.D.I. Board members. 
B. Assistant Country Representative: (may be appointed / removed only by  A.D.D.I. Founder and country Representatives )  
1. Carry out duties properly assigned by the country Representative.  
2. Assume Duties of the Country Representative in the event of his/her absence or death.  
3. Carry out or delegate duties properly assigned by higher level A.D.D.I. Board members. 
C. Country Representative: (may be appointed/removed  only by  A.D.D.I. Founder )  
1. Co-ordinate and supervise A.D.D.I activities within their country. However other A.D.D.I activities may exist outside the control of the country Representative, but under the direction of the A.D.D.I.International Headquarters.  
2. Supervise and discipline State, Regional, Local representatives, clubs and A.D.D.I. members within their country.  
3. Create appoint/remove other positions within their country.  
4. Carry out or delegate duties properly assigned by higher level A.D.D.I. Board members. 
D. International Technical Director: (may be appointed/removed only by A.D.D.I. Founder) 
1. Researches the Martial Arts A.D.D.I. Founder to further its development.  
2. Sets the standards by which all the A.D.D.I. will follow for examinations, etc.  
3. Carry out all other duties properly assigned by the Founder. 
E.  Founder  
1. To determine and carry out all duties and business on behalf of the Organization. 
2. To direct to all activities, coordinate, control and exercise general supervision within this Organization. 
3. To provide technical advice and assistance, to examine and grand all promotions within this Organization. 
4. To create certificates and award ranks and titles on behalf of this Organization. 
5. To create new officers and appoint officers deemed necessary in behalf of this Organization. 
6. The Founder shall be the highest form of authority within this Organization.  

Methods of Promotion  
A. Standard Promotion: Members may be promoted by a certified A.D.D.I. Instructor / Examiner using the A.D.D.I. standards (defined in a separate publication). An A.D.D.I. certified Master Instructor / Examiner ( 6th Degree and higher ) might promote members up to one belt grade below his/her own rank,providing the stipulated time has elapsed between grades. An A.D.D.I. Full Instructor / Examiner ( 3rd Degree up to 5th Degree ) might promote members up to two belt grade below his / her own rank, providing the stipulated time has elapsed between grades.        
B.  If high grade Examiners are requested by any Group, the A.D.D.I. will provide these from the Technical Boards. The A.D.D.I. International Technical Board has complete authority to award any grade or title to any member within the A.D.D.I.. The Country  Technical Board have authority to award any grade or title to any member within their own Countries.  
C.  Promotion by Teaching: Members may be promoted by this method when one of their students is promoted to a rank equal to their own. If a member is able to train a student to obtain a rank equal to their own, then they are deserving of promotion to the next belt rank provided their student was promoted by an A.D.D.I. certified examiner.  
D. External Testing : A member of this Federation may request to be admitted to the External Testing Program. Once admitted into the Program will be able to test via video and written examination consisting of no less than a thesis on a  Martial Arts topic. For the above Program contact with A.D.D.I. HQ.  
E. The A.D.D.I. Board of Directors and the A.D.D.I. Founder will evaluate this examination.  
F.  Promotion by Degree: A member may be promoted by Degree made by the A.D.D.I. Founder. This promotion is usually given for loyalty and service to the Organization, but may be given for various other reasons.  

A.D.D.I. Belt Ranking System  
Since the A.D.D.I  is an All-Style Organization, the actual numbers of belt ranks and colors of belts vary with the tradition of the associated styles and systems. In order to promote consistency, the A.D.D.I has established the following belt ranking system. It is recommended that all A.D.D.I chartered clubs use this system: 

A. Youth Ranking System ( for members who are 12 years of age and under ), Junior Ranking System and the Adult Ranking System. Students who achieve Youth Advanced Ranking System, provided they remain active in training are automatically converted to Junior 1st Degree Black Belt upon reaching their 13 years of age, regardless Degree Black Belt.The maximum rank one can attain under the Junior Ranking System is 3rd Degree Black Belt Apprentice. Junior 1st Degree Black Belt may be examined for Adult 1st Degree Black Belt at the age of 16. Junior 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belt are automatically converted to Adult 1st Degree Black Belt at the age of 16 and may be examined for Adult 2nd Degree Black Belt at the age of 18 and for Adult 3rd Degree Black Belt at the age of 21.In the Adult Ranking System we have 10 Dan grades in the Black Belt ranking system, with two honorary ranks 9th and 10th Degree Black Belt.

B. For all class ranks below Black Belt, the required time in grade is 3-4 months and for the 1st Degree Black Belt, the required time is 12 months. For 2nd through 10th Degree, the time in grade requirement is the same number of years in grade as the number of the rank held. That is, from 2nd to 3rd Degree, the time in grade is two years, and so forth. 

Position Conflicts  
It is the firm belief of this Organization that our board of directors should be board members of other similar organizations. We do not restrict membership to other organization.  

This Organization has adopted English (the global language of commerce) as its official language. Standard English shall be used for all A.D.D.I. publications, correspondence, voice and electronic mail communication with international members and partners. All correspondence with  International Headquarters must also be made in the English language.  

The members shall use the Individual Martial Arts Language (Korean or Japanese or Chinese) or the English equivalent to define all martial arts terminology.   

This Organization reserves the right to charge reasonable fees for Lifetime membership, certifications, and other official goods and services. These fees are subject to change. A schedule of current fees and currently available A.D.D.I. goods and services is available from International Headquarters. The A.D.D.I. also reserves the right to charge a fair and reasonable service charge for all cancelled orders.  

All payments for membership shall be made to the International Headquarters. All payments should be through Cash, Bank Transfer or by International Postal Money Orders only. Banking information is available from your National or International Headquarters.   

Probationary Membership  

All new members of this Organization shall be required to complete a (3) month probationary membership prior to being considered for any appointment to offices within this Organization. This probation can only be lifted early by the  A.D.D.I. Founder.  

A.D.D.I. Logo and Graphics  
Please note no one is permitted to use the A.D.D.I. for any purpose unless given written permission from the A.D.D.I.  Founder. Only the persons with a valid written legal agreement with the A.D.D.I. may produce certification with the A.D.D.I. logo. Moreover, only the A.D.D.I. Headquarters may produce Dan promotion certificates with the A.D.D.I. logo on them. Only Official A.D.D.I. certificates will bear their seal.  

A.D.D.I. Certificate Seals  
All official A.D.D.I.certificates shall bare a special seal.